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Osho Meditations in Goa

A marble palace in the small jungle full of old trees, multicoloured birds and wild peacocks.

the view to the main house and the pool

Anamika is a centre for music and meditation, with an exquisite meditation hall, indoor

anamika buddha hall

and outdoor stages

for different happenings like
 music or dance performances and 
silent retreats groups:
Yoga, Body Work training, Vipassana and Satsangs
Buddha Hall outdoor


of Anamika/ Goa 2011 /2012

Starting November 2011ending April 2012

You have Osho Commune Experience, you like to spend your wintertime in Goa, instead of cold Europe, then you are welcome to join us for this vision.

We are looking for cook, handy woman, meditation leader.

You will have free space and food,
for about 6 hours working/day.

Are you interested ? Please contact us !

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